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A mythological creature and Cardinal sign, the Capricorn is an Earth sign known for their ambition, organization, practicality, and hustle. Symbolizing the Capricorn’s ability to rise above watery emotional undercurrents whilst also scaling steep mountainous terrains, the Capricorn Pendant is represented by the head of a sea goat. Surrounded by the signature MC Melrose studded border, the Capricorn name and symbol is also accompanied by its respective glyph — a symbol of a single line marking a goat with the tail of a fish in a loop, representing the spirit. A gorgeous ovular pendant hung from a delicate curb link chain, this 16” necklace comes complete with a 2” extender — giving you all the layering options in one hypoallergenic and water resistant piece that you can put on and never take off. A favorite necklace to gift to others — MC highly recommends pairing the Capricorn Pendant with their Capricorn Print for the complete birthday set.

  • December 22 - January 19
  • 16" length, 1" extender
  • 0.5" pendant


Hypoallergenic. Water Resistant. Rust-Resistant. Sustainable. Gold: 14k-plated stainless steel. Silver: polished stainless steel. Signature MC engraving for authenticity.


All Marrin Costello Collection Jewelry is crafted of a hypoallergenic + water resistant + sustainable stainless steel base. When not worn, please store in a protected place and use a cleaning cloth to spot treat as needed.

Color: Gold
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