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Roark Revival Women's Collection // Modeled by Lauren Hoff

Roark Revival Women's Collection // Modeled by Lauren Hoff

When Roark Revival first shared with me a sneak peek at their women's line I was immediately sold. Yes, the products were spot on and perfect for Evrgreen, but it was more in the identity of the brand and who they envisioned wearing the clothing.

In Roark's words...

Who is she?
She is the ultimate juxtaposition.
An artful balance between tomboy and feminine, urban and rural, the land and the sea.
She belongs just as much in New York as she does in Baja.
Just as much a lover of mountains as she is waves.
Like a moth to a flame, she seeks adventure. Her voice is bold—too enticing to be ignored.
Her footprint is soft, disappearing before anyone can find her.
She has qualms with the word “dream.”
To her, dreams are a self-implied imagination. An intangible sensation.
If she wants something?
She doesn’t dream about it.
She goes and gets it, and gets her hands a little dirty in the process.
I read this brand identity and immediately thought of so many amazing, rad women we have within our customers, our team and our industry. Lauren Hoff
When finding someone to model the new line, I immediately thought of our very own Lauren Hoff. For the last 3 years she has been in charge of all the books for Revolvr and Evrgreen, keeping our quick books in order and finances straight. You might not think of the finance/accounting type as someone who is the definition of adventure, but she'll prove that stereotype wrong.

She rides a Yamaha XT250 on street and a 2- stroke KTM 150 XCW for dirt. Not much of a touring rider but she's put a lot of miles on her street bike on the backroads of Central Oregon.

She's been riding both street and dirt for about 5 years with the OG members of the @thelitasbend (shameless plug; now an international ladies riding group). She's been rock climbing for about 13 years, fly fishing for about 8 years. Her favorite things to fish for are all the pretty trouts (brown, redband, rainbow, brook) in alpine lakes and streams around Oregon.

She's passionate about water and fish conservation, land use, and the intersections between those resources and economy, urbanization, social lenses, and law. Her current degrees (AAS) are in small business management and accounting, and she's working toward her degree in Natural Resource Conservation with a concentration in Fish & Wildlife management at OSU (graduating in June).

Lauren Hoff

She volunteers with the Native Fish Society, Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA), Central Oregon Landwatch, Trout Unlimited, the Coalition for the Upper Deschutes, USFS, and others. One of her favorite projects is collecting eDNA for Bull Trout populations in the Deschutes Watershed. She has a leopard gecko with the gold-yellow color morph named Dolly Parton that deserves her own instagram and a super rad 6 year old son named Danner that is her main co-pilot on all of her adventures. She did all this in 2022 while undergoing a massive spinal cord surgery that had her with very limited mobility for many weeks and we are so happy to say her health is back to 100% so she can continue her passions.

A little more about Lauren...

  • Favorite candy - Cherry Jolly Rancher
  • Guilty pleasure - Binge watching holiday rom coms in the winter
  • Irrational pet peeve - People who don’t clean up after themselves/their children in restaurants
  • Obscure or hidden talent - Studied and competed in concert piano since she was 8
  • Adult beverage of choice - Pacifico beer
  • Favorite Taco Bell menu item - Cheese quesadilla
  • Closet staple you can’t live without - Vans (if that doesn’t count, I have a favorite sweatshirt 

She's also a meme queen. Here are a few for your enjoyment that have resonated with her lately...

Model: @lo__kelley | Photos: @ajvanasselt | Location: @6voltcycles

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