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These classic tights are offering you style and versatility with their elegant monochrome plaid pattern.

Environmental benefits:
In order to prevent the destruction of new, unclaimed clothing, we have created The Shelter, which is a selection of tights from manufacturers' surplus stock, end of collection, cancelled orders and second choice. Adopt one!

Here are some other qualities that you will appreciate:

  • Colour: Black monochrome plaid pattern
  • 30 denier - Semi-opaque - Matte
  • Flat seam - Toe with design - Cotton gusset
  • Reinforced body
  • Minimalist plastic-free packaging. 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Tested and non-toxic materials - STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Made in Italy

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane


Because together, we can make a difference, Miss Lala Tights chooses partners who promote a process of continuous improvement, care about the environment and treat their employees fairly.
Their mission is simple: to create the tights that you will proudly wear every day.

Tights are delicate items. Although they work on making tights that are as sustainable as possible, they still recommend that you treat them with the greatest care. Here are some good tips to keep them flawless:

  • Hand wash your tights,
  • Avoid dryer, iron, strong soaps, bleach, or any treatment that could damage the fiber,
  • Before putting on your tights, they recommend that you remove your jewelry and make sure your nails are properly filed,
  • Moisturizing the skin of the hands and legs can also be a good idea before putting on the most delicate and silky tights,
  • And don't forget to put on the tights gently. It is necessary to start from the tip of the toes of the pantyhose. Then gently put on the tights, sliding slowly, and adjusting one leg at a time.

That being said, enjoy your tights!

Color: Black
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