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Our Story

Davis Fam


5 years ago, we took a chance on an idea and opened Revolvr Menswear in downtown Bozeman. It worked, and we opened our second location 2 years later in Bend, Oregon. In 2017, after years of daily requests for a women’s version of Revolvr, we set aside our doubts on women’s clothing and took another leap of faith. May of 2017, Evrgreen Clothing was born, with a focus on delivering premium service, quality clothing, accessible prices and an unmatched experience.

Something we've learned throughout our journey is that you don't have to be the most fashionable, talented, or have the most money to accomplish your dreams. I often get asked how we managed to open 3 stores with no investment and while starting a family; it boils down to hard work, determination, surrounding yourself with an amazing team and believing in yourself and your vision. We pinch ourselves daily at the life we get to live and the people we get to share it with. 

Check out our men’s store that started it all, Revolvr Menswear.